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I set up this blog to showcase some of my writing and poetry. I’m a Welsh person who writes in English and I love mixing both languages. I haven’t written much since I completed a dissertation at the end of February. I hope a blog, along with some coaching, will kickstart some ventures that stalled over the summer.

Cardiff I

In the market I hear

my father’s accent my mother’s tone

sounding like home that is no more

pork bacon lace peaches

cherries apples haddock

gerbera green chrysanthemums sherbet lemons

dried pink papaya diesel

scent this grey summer sky

the river runs clear to the stadium

bubbles float in the sun showers carrying

red wine garlic roast coffee

and the old tobacconist

in the arcade with my father’s cigars boxed

in scented plywood

this city

mine for the weekend

drink cocktails on the steak night air

warmed by patio heaters

and on my way home to a temporary bed

that prostitute feeling under the railway

when the rain drips through girders

while the train rolls overhead

this city mine

for the weekend





















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