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I’m still easing my way into blogging not least because the technology is beyond my comfort zone – something that I hope will change soon. I teach and I’m a mother to three students and a NEET. I write in my spare time. I’m currently reading “The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane” by Katherine Howe”; for the second time. I love it because it is set in New England in Marblehead, Salem and Boston. There’s a lovely second hand book shop on the main street in M’head, and the “chowdah” served at the Barnacle is the best. So in memory of a walk this is a poem that I wrote in 2006.

We arrive at The Barnacle
brown boarded shabby – chic fishy
clapboards of chowder garlic and fries
humming with voices over
meals where deals are struck
in Maine fleece suits
celebrated with beaded glasses of
Sauvignon Blanc

Seabass dull in the sun

We stroll along the narrow walkway to the headland
crumbled, tired broken in defence
you tire too so we sit
smell the salt beneath us
the musseled barnacled beach crisps
blue water hisses
blessing my feet and
sand martins skitter
the tide’s edge
The perpendicular sun draws in your shadow

And the sea bass still
in nets on the quay.

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