I received a badge yesterday – not the Blue Peter Badge of my childhood dreams – one that would enable me to fulfil another childhood dream. I used to dream of editing children’s literature and young adult fiction, in an office with a glass desk, overlooking a city skyline. Working at home from the kitchen or dining area seems less glamorous, and infinitely more practical. Slowly, very very slowly, I have been making small changes. The first is that I am enrolling to train as a Poetry Therapy Practitioner with Ia Poetry and Jill. Teague as my mentor. The second change is that I have enrolled on a copy editing course.

It’s a bit daunting wondering how all this will combine with full-time employment but I am taking a risk and have to have faith. I am quite excited about it. My books are on delivery, I have cute notebooks for each of the main strands of the course, and brand new Pilot Pens.

There’s no better feeling than the new-term-new-pencil-feeling that September brings along withe the feeling of adventure that the world is alive with fresh opportunities. My goal ? To be self employed and working from home up to and beyond retirement,and to be more disciplined in my approach to writing,to be more creative.

I will use this blog to survey my critical reading, share a poem with thoughts, and track the practical applications of the course, which i can complete within five years at my own pace.

And yes, I am excited!

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