I don’t often blog a out personal stuff, the purpose was to keep my blog for writing issues – but writing is if anything personal.

The last few weeks have been turbulent. Seeing my lovely daughter crying in pain, in a neck brace, on a trolley was a hospital nightmare that I haven’t revisited since her first weeks in the world where she was desperately ill with bronchiolitis . The man who rear-ended her is fine-no damage while my quirky trusty baby blue Nissan Micra is written off. Naively i thought it would be ok- after all both drivers were insured. But it isn’t ok and the whole experience has left me wondering what is the purpose of insurance? who is it designed to protect? Who ultimately benefits? And its hard not to come away from the experience thinking that the beneficiaries are the insurance companies and that at some level I have been ripped off.

Yes i will have a settlement cheque but how can you demonstrate that a car is priceless and designed to fit in with a way of life and not simply a lifestyle product? How do you explain that the fact it is cheap to run, regularly serviced was newly MOTd and taxed is priceless when what is left is a valuation that doesn’t reflect the reasons for choosing it in the first place and buying it outright. And how do you reflect the unfair nature that a person who should not have been driving in the first place has effectively caused a crisis?

The fact is you simply can’t. After all there is the settlement, and the bottom line is that the companies made a value judgement that my car despite being roadworthy was uneconomical to repair. Mention an 05 registration and they started muttering write-off before processing the claim. Why? The whole point of insurance is to protect your possessions I thought. Not so, the whole point of insurance is to protect their industry and by writing off roadworthy cars of low value it seems to subsidise the motor industry. Even the hire company said they knew a guy who could help me replace my car for a price. Apparently its all about knowing the “right people”. Clearly I don’t know the right people. I never have!

They suggested I reclaim the car and take it to a back street workshop, that way I could get it restored. What does this tell us about the inflated prices in and around the insurance industry? Basically, my company and his are telling me:

“you’re not worth the effort of repair despite your payments to us, despite the fact that you have chosen our company to protect you. We will however also protect the person who did this to you but sorry, because your car is of no value to us, you also are not valuable enough to protect and repair your car. Meanwhile, when can we insure your next vehicle? Because you need to know the right people to find it for you!”

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