And because it’s Saturday,

Two more written in quiet weather at Ty Newydd with tutors, Pascale Petit and George Szirtes
After Self Portrait with Elisabeth,Paris 1931 by Kertész


Their café du tabac world is monochrome,

etched in black and white.

The shadows of love are banished to corners

leaving faces lit by sunlight

filtered by a concealed frame.


Each mirrors the other:

body to body, face to face, palm to palm –

a self portrait of two.

They fix their gaze,

lock out all onlookers.


Even the lens is unwanted.



The Banks of the Dwyfor

are greyed out from green like the pebble that rolls in her palm.

Clouds hide all certainties and soften the peaks – her points of reference:

Garn, Yr Eifl, Pen Llŷn.

Her mountains are only

felt, wool, brethyn

 masses that absorb her shape.

                              She’s lost.

                                  The salt water’s murky. Her private Jordan

 leads to the violet slate sea beyond the river bank.


 Light clears a space.


Three swans dive.

The solitary one

faces the current,

appears serene in the strain and pull of

 tide and undertow .





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