A fragment of World War 2 Uniform…

  A fragment of World War 2 Uniform from seventy years ago. 

It’s yours — held in a chest and close to my 

heart as If I could preserve you

in a time before I knew you. 

I hold half an angel in my hand -a remnant of your youth and 

the myth of mine 

in Airforce Blue.

You flew before you knew me.

 I knew you by the paths you traced between the stars and coast and

sea and sky, through maps and documents where I found you.

I knew you in the stories they wove about you; 

told and retold to the boys with Glenfiddich as golden 

as your recall. 

Now your badge is frayed. But I rub the felting between thumb and forefinger 

and know I can never know 
what I miss.

Angels have been a theme going around my head recently, and this badge from my father’s uniform is a tangible representation of his youth. But while it is a link, it is only a remnant and part of the story of the man I knew and loved as a child.  And it is only half a set of angels wings, and flightless. 

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2 Responses to A fragment of World War 2 Uniform…

  1. sue tatlow says:

    lovely, half an angle in my hand.

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