Spring restlessness

It was Helen Lewis, My A level English teacher who first made the link between restlessness, spring and travel in tne prologue to the Canterbury Tales.To be honest I did not hang around, because by the end of the spring I had acted on my own restlessness, had left school and was employed by Lloyds Bank.  But even now, 34 years later, each spring I am reminded of what she taught: What better to do after a long winter than to go on a jaunt or a pilgrimage? I remember being mildly shocked that pilgrimages were viewed as holiday opportunities but then, Anya Seton’s Katherine was my first introduction to the medieval mind set. And each spring it is Helen’s voice I hear as the cherry blossom and prunus begin to flower. What better to do after a long winter?

This post promisesto be restless: I have so many disparate thoughts. The weather is keen, fresh and blue; ideal for the treeplanting later with friends. I hope to plant three -wielding a spade is not my forte, especially post flu but at least three for thepeople whose voices remain clear to me: my friend, Anne Collis is one of these. Her spring sees a house move to my home, Swansea. I look forward to visiting her family as they settle there, and I am determined that she learns to love Joe’s ice cream: vanilla with flake, raspberry sauce and hundreds and thousands, the taste of my childhood and probably the one aspect I remain homesick for.

 Anne Bryan and family, I cannot imagine what life will be like without you here:facetime coffee and chocolate arent quite thesame but will have to do.I am not losing a friendship just changing theshape of the way we communicate. And we are learning to do that all the time as ways of communication change and develop. But it cant replace a hug! 

From Spring to Trees to Chaucer to a hug. Restless thoughts in restless weather. 

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