Totem Owl – for Beth x

Yesterday I spent a gorgeous day breakfasting, swimming in the sea, lunching, writing and driving around Gwynedd with Alison. The sea was alternatively freezing or warm depending on which bit of the surf we caught and the tiny,tiny, translucent, fish swirled in shoals before us. For our writing jaunt, I had organised cards with scenarios, a bag of objects, and first line prompts. In the bag was a key, some rings a broken bracelet and Beth’s totem owl, when I asked her if she had any odd interesting items.


It stands straight

this totem owl –  a wooden warrior on her desk. Its

flat, planed, face brings

prayer, help, luck.

Shaped like a thumb,

she holds it in her fist and the moon

runs beneath the clouds across the sky.

Copyright words and images Anne Phillips

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One Response to Totem Owl – for Beth x

  1. lyndellwilliams says:

    Hi na, Mae hyn yn swnio fel lot o hwyl . Dw I isie dod tro nesa. Maer tywydd yn amazing, a team GB yn gwneud yn anhygoel.  Wedi gwneud te pnawn I fy nwy fodryb , cefnither Sharon a Mam pnawn ma. Lot o hwyl. Pob lwc fory, Lynd xx

    Sent from Samsung tabletAnne Phillips wrote:

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