Which is a random collection of thoughts …

And not just about trivial things like waxing!

My day began with a standoff see below.

Quite who would throw the first blow was uncertain. In the end they stared it out, faced each other and walked away dignified – although one, the ginger one, was admittedly wrapped in a towel. And life is a bit like that, well mine is. Walk away, or risk a confrontation. Walk away or have it on my own terms. Or bury my head in a towel.

A source of pride for me is the heritage from my welsh speaking grandmother although I suspect like myself, my female cousins are less enamoured of our heritage of dark, beetle like eyebrows designed to reduce a toddler or recalcitrant teen to a quivering wreck with one withering look over the tops of spectacles. dad was a bit like that, and a well arched lift caused endless heart searching, it still does.

But as a teacher, I wax them because one mean comment – albeit truthful (gen y gwirion y ceir gwir) –   would reduce me to quivering wreck. And as waxed I counted the gray on my head and wondered at my perverse impulse to paint the living room part gray while considering recolouring my hair  a plum colour. In effect dying my hair, to cover the fact am I am getting older but painting the living room a certain colour which would project a certain image… Which got me to wondering about stand offs, the choices we make, the things that happen to us. 

In another blog, a writer writes movingly of the loss of her partner, her rediscovery of love and joy and the fact that she feels blessed. I’m unsure that I shall ever be able to do that. yes our experiences differ, but love loss and joy are universal; so I  wonder if that makes me a less able writer; or,perhaps some things are best left unwritten and left to others to elucidate. It is a writing choice.

My plans for the week have changed and  so I have decided to spend some time writing to a self imposed deadline (Wednesday 5 pm) before reevaluating what happens next in holiday terms.

I have neglected the blog due to work commitments and the need to balance sedentary marking with reading writing and my seemingly unquenchable need for long walks and fresh air. I’ve teen sat, marked and taken part /observed a Speaking and listening workshop. 

Run by a team from South Wales, the trainers were urbane, confident, erudite and so not from my world of teaching and rural North Wales. It was peppered with comments, such as “I’ve donethis or worked with …. ” Or, “When … Was interviewed by …. I suggested they… And for ellipses substitute the name of any celeb that springs to mind. it was so Cardiff centric and far removed that it was almost alienating, and yet it is necessary to realise that learners compete in a world far larger and more ruthless than this small island. It was a choice to move here, to choose a rural and welsh way of life for my children.  It was the right choice at the time. 25 years later I wonder what if any choices I may make next. 
Have a lovely week and wishing my family safe travels.

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One Response to Which is a random collection of thoughts …

  1. Janet Thomas says:

    Great post, Anne. As an retired teacher I fully sympathise with your comment about marking.

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