Cardiff 2


I have missed going out in a big city. Yesterday we visited the museum and the Davies sisters’ collection . We also visited The Adventurers Exhibition which used Indiana Jones as the central motif as it explored archeology of a variety of places.

It contained two glass skulls and Jones’B2 bomber jacket hat and whip. It was great! I found the mummy disturbing in her tiny size and extreme age. The pottery from Mycenae was beautiful and functional and I wondered how they were last used before they became ‘treasure’.

Most frightening though is that one culture can explore and appropriate another. When I visited Mycenae in 1986 these exhibits were in the Uk, and in the relative blink of an eye, here I am thirty years later, far from the lemon and thyme smell of Greece, gazing at the utensils of a long ago civilisation .

We passed lots of people dressed for Comicon and at times I felt I was on set in an episode of The Big Bang . The Christmas Market is being erected and it was lovely to feel the spark of excitement you get when a dim and damp evening is illuminated with fairy lights and set to the backdrop of buskers and the smoky smell of street food.

We ate early in Millers Steak house which is so large and so busy they must be grilling ten to fifteen cows a night. As we arrived at 5 pm diners were being turned away as they were fully booked until 10 pm . It is well worth a visit for the bwrlwm but not for intimate dining. The food was excellent.

Home for Netflix and a quiet evening for we were both footsore.

Final day . A walk to Lidl with the boy, some home cooking, and a late train home arriving in the Village shortly before Midnight. Work beckons. It’s hard to believe how quickly a week can disappear. So much enjoyment, and pause for reflection ;whether it was the weeping window and remembrance garden, Museum of Wales or just people watching.

Yes,  I made my self imposed deadline ;yes, I delivered my package of hopes and dreams, no, I did NOT have a spare cigarette for random request guy, yes I loved so sushi but it’s made for couples, not singles who snack; snd Epic Fail, instead of clothes I purchased a Madeleine tin for spicy biscuits and a colourful Peruvian jumper for winter mornings which surely will happen soon.

Diolch  Huw am benwythnos hyfryd x


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