Acts of Faith

I suppose we all take leaps of faith from time to time: some are bigger than others. Take me for example. How many times have I tried to change employment? Well over 30.? As the saying goes when God closes the door, he slams shut the windows. ‘There’s always the cat flap ,” said a friend. I don’t really see why it should be so difficult. But it is and I wonder why so many things get in the way ( like the small thing of withdrawing a post after it was advertised). The most common phrase in the texts that flew was ‘must have wanted cheaper’ and that saddened me. It saddened me that  the pursuit of experience is subject to cost -such a reflection of our times . The thing is no matter how thinly a loaf is sliced someone always gets the butt end. Two rejections in one week, plans dreams put on hold.

i suppose writing is my act of faith: pen, paper,blog , are always to hand. I’ve been cutting and pasting  images , building a community , complete with school library chapel   and cafe/bistro. I’m writing about another cafe in another location as the heroine diversifies and takes her livelihood and legacy in a different direction. Let’s just say there are sprouts involved. Perhaps that should be enough for now.

My daughter bought me a ‘writers survival box ‘ for Christmas. Aside from copious amounts of Dyson killing glitter, it contained tea, coffee ,miniature bottle of wine, chocolate notebook pens . It was an act of belief from her . I wonder what the next step is?

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2 Responses to Acts of Faith

  1. Janet Thomas says:

    What a brilliant idea the writer’s survival box is and what a thoughtful daughter you have. Looking forward to reading what you write, Anne.

  2. Thank you. All constructive feedback on stories here is welcome.

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