Bucket Lists

Someone shared an article about the common regrets experienced by people facing death. The findings were extremely poignant and centred on dreams, family, the courage to speak up , and the fact that happiness is a choice .

I hope someone completes the same kind of study in 30 and 40 years’ time, factoring in the politics and policies of today .let me explain . It’s sugar free February , and  I am not a lover of cake or cupcakes. My sugar vice is that I have to have sugar in tea  or coffee. Believe me when I say that since the 1970s  when my sister gave up sugar in beverages , I have tried .  Yesterday I consumed a cup cake and I bloody loved it , then I remembered it was sugar free Feb. Last night on the news there are moves to restrict piercings, restrict sugar . All perhaps a bit too Daddy-State for me.

My point is along with the decline in religious practice it feels we have become a more judgemental, puritan partisan society. Sugar in this instance is a trite example . But speaking out is not . Speaking out against Brexit, immigration policies , inequalities and neo-liberal policies in the work place , how will we view these in years to come?

My bucket list involves a novel, publication, a MacBook Pro, wood burner in the context of a two up two down terraced cottage with my dog. Possibly hens in the backyard. My bucket list contains time.

I have spoken out against various things but feel that reasonable voices are being drowned out. I saw this on a Facebook thread today where a reasonable professional asking a legitimate question about an issue was drowned out in accusations , name calling and vile comments, ironically in a post about bullying. It wasn’t fake news just old news . It made me tired.

Last night I dreamed I won a literature prize that involved writing about sprouts, luminous green wintry and Christmassy loved and reviled.

My bucket list involves writing about sprouts today. It involves factoring today’s economic and political climate because all that’s left now is to write about it as it is the only way I can speak out . What’s on your bucket list today ?

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4 Responses to Bucket Lists

  1. suetatblog1 says:

    finishing my sister Lynns 60th birthday quilt which is now three and half years late!

  2. Lovely, Sue. But you could always keep it as her 65 th. 😘


    Top of my bucket list is that my art work becomes good enough to show and perhaps even sell !!!

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