writing disappointments

Rejection comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and a submission rejection (albeit in a professional context) comes in all shapes and sizes too while dredging up the feelings of  those niggly personal rejections. At the moment it’s still raw. The reasons were cost, diminishing budgets, a huge number of submissions and in this context just not good enough to make the final cut. The letter entered with a jolly “but keep writing.” Hmm yes ok… but the questions How? why ? Why would you want me to keep writing if you won’t accept my work? What is the secret ? Am I just not young and sexy enough? Have I griped enough/too much/too little about writing becoming elitist and academic? If I’m not good enough that’s fine. Was it just a throwaway line?

But please don’t make writing an elitist academic thing anymore than it is now. The more I think about it its becoming more for those in the ‘tower on the hill’ and less about the stories and voices of the day to day.Perhaps I’m just sore and my perspective will change but I don’t think so. One of my pupils wrote a brilliant line about life being timed when a bomb starts ticking (WW1 poetry) and that line made me explode, yesterday with an OMG that’s amazing! I hope she goes on to write more and more.


Another Amy episode in the pipeline


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