Confessions of a not so domestic goddess.

I enjoy cooking, and the summer holidays seem to be the ideal time to try out new recipes. Last week I dug out Jamie Oliver’s ‘Thirty Minute Recipes, in a bid to alleviate boredom and grab some taste. Budget meals for five are great — for a budget — but leave me with a feeling that conjures up austerity Britain, which it is, but fifty years too late! Summer cabbage salad is a heady mix of cabbage,lemon parsley chilli and salt. factor in some uncalled garlic and the five of us were in taste bud heaven. I cheated with the now ubiquitous cheap cuts of chicken thighs and we were in ‘Foodie Heaven’. Today’s recipe was Italian Meatloaf. With a handful, of dried chillies. cue onions, slices of bread and my trusty Kenwood. In the blink of an eye the onions were liquidized while the bread failed to come into contact with the blades and became purple and soggy. The k beater revved like a boy-racer and the mince flew , frizbeed from the appliance to hang like a bloody garland on the pestle. It dribbled like protein worms until I threw it back in the bowl to pulverise it with kbeater. It blended into a red soggy parsley and thyme scented mush. Overconfident I cracked the egg on the bowl and the white trailed down the side and dripped over the edge. Eventually the mush drew together and I dropped it into a loaf tin. My family’s verdict. Tasty, but I need more Kenwood driving lessons.


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