Gothic Writing and writingy things

I’ve had a lovely day here at Gladstone’s library writing about a sense of place. Certainly the snow helped as does the red tinged stone brickwork and the mullioned windows. I have my own attic room, with sloping ceilings and the luxury of time, though are zillion and one tasks I could be doing, at work or at home. I’m a little princess, in a garret with an iPad!

The day was varied, with chats about rules for writing. Rules for onscreen reading and writing, flash fiction technical and non fiction should be observed . The human brain is conditioned to online multi tasking. However, in fiction, we concluded, there are no rules. where they exist, they are meant to be broken.

Other topics included Brevity and truth: the idea of making every word earn its place in a text, while remaining true to both context, and human nature. Time as place and place as character: character lending place its tone or place reflecting a character.

The readings were as varied as the people who attended. Blackberries,raspberries, cottages, seascapes, conflicted clergy,and the discovery of the body of a child; couched in deceptively simple,accurate and sensuous description of the library, here at Gladstone’s. as for me I re-fought a Rebecca Riot, on a cliched ribbon of road in Carmarthenshire writing in my ancestors’ footsteps.
Moreover I discovered my protagonist had a loyal chartist brother as a solicitor; and that both sons were a disappointment to their Tory magistrate squire father. Perhaps one of them will be sentenced to transportation to Tasmania….. Time for some planning and rewriting methinks.

In the meantime if you like vampires, witches, curses and spells,Marie Anne Cope has a blog and a forthcoming novel. You can find her at:



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